Known Bugs

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Our Known Bugs

Output in interactions is not shown until all processing is complete. Input in interactions will appear above the interactions text that caused it to be requested, and will not be correctly ordered with output. This will be fixed in the next release.

Interactions is not Java 8 compatible.

Interactions is missing some Java language features: static import, uninitialized variables (interactions locals are now initialized as if they were fields), generics.

Interactions does not allow the minimum long and integer constants to be used.

In the Java debugger and workbench, if a field exists in an implemented interface of the declared type of an object, and a field with the same name exists in the superclass but is "not inherited" according to JLS terminology (is declared private or is inaccessible from the child), the field declared in the interface will be shown as "not visible" (it will have a red bar through it), although it should be visible (jGRASP definition of "visible" is "available without casting"). This is due to Oracle bug 6655791, but we may work around it in a future jGRASP release.

In the Java debugger and workbench, elements with replaced generic type are displayed with the replaced type (when known), but for "invoke method" and other operations, they are treated as the actual run-time type. Also, generic type parameters supplied when creating an instance are not thoroughly checked for validity, and arguments for "invoke method" or "create instance" are not checked for compile-time validity with respect to generic replacements or generic type parameter bounds. These problems don't limit the use of the debugger or workbench in any way, and they will be fixed in a future release.

Bugs Caused by Java, Swing, or Window Manager Problems

These are difficult or impossible to work around. The eventual "fix" for them is (or will be) to get a newer version of the JDK. Many of them apply only to old versions of the JDK.

File chooser details view does not resize rows when the font size is changed under some JDKs (all file choosers).

Performance is bad and there is much unnecessary repainting with the Mac Look-And-Feel and Nimbus Look-And-Feel.

On some UNIX/Linux VMs, running jGRASP through the single-instance shell will cause the JVM to crash at shutdown. This seems to be harmless.

Memory leaks - due to Swing bugs, there are some small memory leaks. These have been minimized as much as was possible. This should not be a problem unless you run jGRASP for weeks without restarting. There may be larger memory leaks that we are unaware of.