jGRASP Contact Information

General Information

The GRASP Project is led by James H. Cross II. He may be contacted via e-mail at cross@eng.auburn.edu.

James H. Cross II
Computer Science and Software Engineering
3101 Shelby Center
Auburn University, AL 36849-5347

Bug Reports

For jGRASP, use the Help > Report a Bug menu item in jGRASP to report a bug. This will also send us your system information (Java version, OS, etc.), which may help us to reproduce the bug.

For installation problems or problems with this web site, send email to jgrasp@auburn.edu.

If you are having a problem compiling or running with jGRASP, turn on Settings > Verbose Messages and send the full output from the command execution.

Please check the known bugs list first.

Give as detailed a description as possible. Include the full text of any output or error messages.

pcGRASP and UNIX GRASP are no longer maintained. Do not report bugs in pcGRASP or UNIX GRASP.