Future Features / Missing Features

Check the future plans page at https://www.jgrasp.org for an updated list of planned future features, if you are not already there.

Current Development

The current focus is the jGRASP Plugin for IntelliJ, which brings the jGRASP viewers and canvas to IntelliJ IDEA and Android Studio, for Java and Kotlin.


Code completion for Java.

More flexible compiler environments. Ability to run multiple commands for one "compile" or "run" item, add items to menus other than "Compile" and "Run", specify icons and have items appear on the toolbar.

Forward development features for the UML diagram (drawing, creating shell classes).

More features for the integrated Java debugger: hex and octal display for values and array indices; a dynamically updated monitor display window, listing owning thread and waiting threads by monitor; automatic deadlock detection; byte code display; display of current watchpoints to make removing them easier; ability to set breakpoints without access to source code; repeated, counted stepping (eg: step in 42 steps); ability to disable/enable garbage collection for objects; assistance for memory leak (lost reference) detection; exception breakpoints; listing of all loaded classes with their fields and methods; show classpath, version, and other information for target VM; tracing variable changes; dumping of thread, stack, and variables to message window for easy cut-and-paste.

A debugger connection and interface for languages other than Java.

Command line functionality for batch formatting and printing.

Have a project realize that it has been moved, and copy previous file settings.

Add an editor for user defined templates.