jGRASP Accessibility Statement

This statement addresses accessibility for the jGRASP IDE and the jgrasp.org website. We have attempted to meet all of the accessibility assertions described below. If you find a problem with any accessibility features of jGRASP or with the content of the jgrasp.org website, please let us know.

Assistive Technologies

The ui of the jGRASP IDE is implemented mainly in Java Swing. The Swing ui components implement appropriate parts of the Java Accessibility API. The jGRASP custom editing component (CSD Window) also implements relevant portions of this API. This allows source code text, the text of other ui components, and alternate text for graphical components to be available to assistive technologies. jGRASP produces several source code and runtime visualizations. In general, no useful text representations of these visualizations are possible.

On Windows, assistive technologies communicate with the Java Accessibility API through the Java Access Bridge, which is included with Java 7 Update 6 and higher and available separately with most older versions. Numerous screen readers and other assistive technology tools support the Java Access Bridge.

On macOS, Java Accessibility API communication access is built-in. The VoiceOver screen reader included with macOS 10.4 and higher and other macOS compatible screen readers work with jGRASP.

On Linux, Java Accessibility API communication access is built-in to most popular desktop environments, and accessibility tools are included with most distributions.

Global Font Scaling

jGRASP has a font scaling feature that allows the sizes of all fonts to be scaled over a wide range. This scales not only source code, but all buttons, menus, etc. and also graphical components of visualizations. Source code can also be scaled separately, and many visualizations can be individually scaled.

Website and Help Files

The jgrasp.org website conforms to level AA of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.1.

The HTML help files included with jGRASP versions 2.0.0_17 and higher and 2.0.1 Beta 7 and higher conform to level AA of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0.